Uncle John's Collection

Antique Radios, Clocks & Cameras

Uncle John's humble beginnings.

Uncle John was born, lived and worked in the woods of central Oregon and Washington, he and my father logged as young men, they occasionally hauled one log loads to the mill. When World War II called, John went to Africa and then Europe with the 3rd Calvary.  He spent time chasing Rommel around the Sahara and ended up in Italy fighting Nazi's.  He and his recon company was ambushed outside a little village and John managed to hold off 50 caliber machine gun fire, by returning fire from a mounted 50 caliber until his  buddies could escape.  He took 3 shots before he was knocked off the back of the Jeep.  For this he received the Bronze Star for Bravery in the face of the enemy.  He used to say the scary part was when he was in the hospital, in Italy, during the air raids, because they would have to leave him behind on the fifth floor.

He cared for mom until the end!

He cared for my Grandma until her death in 1976 and didn't leave home much after that.  He retired as a custodian for public schools, and was well loved by the kids and teachers. His wonderful neighbors looked out for him and that is appreciated beyond words. It was always a joy to visit him and see what his interests were at that time. I will miss Uncle John and his collection will be a wonderful memorial to his abilities to do anything.